Friday, January 22, 2010

Steamed Fish with Black Beancurd Sauce

As we had dinner and half way done with the fish, I remembered that I should've documented how I made this dish. Anyway, here is a picture of the aftermath... on the other piece of the fish.

Seabass (1 lb)
A: Salt, black pepper, chicken powder, cooking wine (moderate amount)
B: Black beancurd sauce (~2 spoons), and chopped green onions, ginger, garlic, red chili pepper, soy sauce (~1 spoon each)

1) Clean and pat dry the fish. Rub "A" on both sides of fish. Place in plate to go into steamer pot.
2) Stir fry "B" until fragrant. Pour/spread onto fish.
3) Steam fish on high heat for 10~12 minutes.

Note: Steaming time may vary due to size and thickness of fish.

Seabass is generally ~ $13.99/lb at supermarkets such as Marina and 99 Ranch, however wait for it to go on sale for $8.99/lb. I have not seen it be lower, so $8.99/lb is the price I'd buy. Actually 1 lb is good for 2~4 people, depending on how much fish you want to consume.


  1. Great post! One trick I've learned is to put a set of chopsticks under the fish fillet when you steam it. That way, both sides of the fillet would get steamed evenly via convection. Also, after you steam the fish, scoop up the fish juice and 淋 the juice on the fish fillet a few times, so the meat can reabsorb the juice and be more tender.

    I have a similar recipe for 豆瓣鱈魚with spicy bean curd, which is essentially the same thing. I can make a post with it if you would like :)

    Does anyone know where I can buy some 豆酥?