Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cabbage Roll

OK OK, I know I said I'll post 滷味 to compliment Julie's delish beef noodle, but I haven't had the time to cook it yet! But here's something that is easy to make and very satisfying as well!

Black Pepper
Cabbage - $2
Ground Beef - $2 / 1lb
Egg - 1 egg
滷汁(optional) - Free

1) Peel a few leaves from the cabbage, take as many as you want to make rolls with

2) Cut out the heart of the cabbage

3) Chop up the heart!

4) Make sure to dice it well!

5) Boil the cabbage for 10 min, only to soften the leaves

6) Important: Take the boiled leave and slice out the vein.
(without damaging the cabbage!)
This will soften the leaves to be rolled.

7) Chop out the veins!

8) Mix meat, egg, chopped cabbage heart, chopped cabbage veins, 滷汁, salt, and pepper

8) Mix well into a nice filling

9) Spread cabbage leave out

10) Place filling at bottom of the cabbage leave and wrap

11) Voila!

12) Boil the rolls, you can add some condensed broth, or just salt and plain water would work too

13) Place lid for faster results

14) After about 10 minutes, the rolls are ready to ready to eat!
But what to do with our wonderful cabbage broth?
Such a waste to throw it away!

Just add some more cabbage

And we have delicious cabbage soup!

This can be used with romaine lettuce rolls too!

If you had some extra meat fillings, fry yourself up some nice meatballs too :)

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