Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baked Apple

Hello! Welcome to the ten dollar cafe! Here we are trying to gather a collection of recipe for under $10 / dish or $10 / person! Enjoy, look around, and get cooking!

The baked apple is something great for when you're sick, or just a cold cold winter night. It'll warm up your belly and soul!

Ingredients: Apple, sugar, water, and rum
Tools: Pearing knife, core remover, and small toaster oven

1) Cut the top off your apples

2) Next, use your core remove to take out the core of the apples

3) put 1 tblspn of sugar into the middle of the apple, and fill the rest with rum

4) Replace the top lid of the apple back, place the apples in the toaster oven tray, fill tray with water

5) Bake!

6) Occasionally rise your apple with the water in the tray to prevent charcoaling

7) After 40 minutes, the apples should be nice and toasted!
8) Grab a spoon and enjoy :)

Apple - $0.89
Rum - $5


  1. ummm... what happened? the top is blackened!

  2. That's what happened when one decides to get lazy with the water sprinkling

  3. haha... love it! can we do it with other fruit? pear??