Monday, February 15, 2010

Veggie Chicken Soup (素雞 soup)

Veggie Chicken Soup (素雞 soup)

Finally! My first post~ After lagging and postponing it for so long, Justin persuaded me to post something even though it's so easy to make. - _-'''

For those of you like me who eat a lot of vegetarian meals during the week, you might feel frustrated at times about the selection of food for vegetarians. Ever since I started to eat more and more vegetarian dishes, I learned more about different options as well as ideas. Here's one super easy and quite tasty and nutritious dish- Veggie Chicken Soup (素雞 soup)

  1. One pack of 素雞*
  2. Few slices of ginger
  3. Handful of dried medlar, a.k.a Chinese raisin, 枸杞
  4. Handful of dried dates
  5. If desired, you may also put in a few slices of ginseng


Cut the 素雞 in big chunks and put the rest of the ingredients in a pot. High boil for 10 minutes, then turn the flames down to simmer for 15 minutes.

*素雞 usually comes with flavors already. For example, the one I got had lotus seeds, mushrooms, and medlar stuffed inside. Therefore, it's important to cut 素雞 in big chunks so the tofu will not lost the flavor as the soup is boiling. On the other hand, since the 素雞 is already flavored, so there's no need to add any salt unless you feel the taste is too mild.


  • 素雞 = around $10 'ish depending on what flavor/kind
  • Slices of ginger = less than $.50
  • Dried medlar = a pack cost about $ 1.50 and will last you forever
  • Dried dates = sponsored by Julie Sun. Usually a pack is around $2.00 and will last quite some time
  • Ginseng = Optional, but prices varies from $20 to $??? /oz


4 ~ 6 people so it's quite economic for a family. =) Enjoy!

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